Ontario Auditor General Says Deferring Hydro Rate Subsidy Contrary to Accounting Principles. October 18. 2017.

The use of deferral accounting allows debt to be transformed into and asset, a practice that the BC Lberal government abused with respect to BC Hydro's books. There are there lessons for the new NDP government in the Ontario Auditor General's recent report; See media reaction; and

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The Ernst Young Report on ICBC and Early Reaction. July 25, 2017.

After being leaked to Postmedia, the government released the July 1o, 2017 Ernst Young report on ICBC; CKNW interviews with Minister Eby, Liberal MLA Wilkinson and Richard McCandless; and Vaughn Palmer's comments Chuck Byrne's (Insurance Brokers Association) comments;

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"Politics and Public Automobile Insurance in BC 1970-2010." BC Studies, Summer 2013.

This article, published by BC Studies in 2013, focuses on the political and financial relationship between the publicly-owned ICBC and the provincial government from 1970 to 2010.

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